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Your moment to refresh, reflect and reconnect

Audio Tattoo is pleased to present My Mindful Minute, a series of mini-meditations to help you refresh, refelct and reconnect during your busy day. 

Research is showing that a regular mediation practice has numerous positive benefits including reducing stress, controlling anxiety, improving sleep and enhancing overall self-awareness. 

Each meditation is one minute of mindfulness, a 60 second mediation that you can can do whenever you feel the need. And they can be done most anywhere, at any time. These meditations are designed to be part of an existing mediation practice. Ideal for beginners or as a back to basics for more experienced practioners. 

My Mindful Minute Mediations are completely free and can be accessed through a number of social media sites including YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Just follow us on your favourite social media platform. New meditations will be added on a regular basis. 

If you enjoy these 60 second mediations and would like to experience longer versions, become a Patron to get access to extended mediation, original backing music tracks, behind the scenes content and original song compositions. 

Our Meditations

Just Breathe

Music: The Auroras by James M. Dow

Your Moment

Music: Ethereal by James M. Dow

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