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About Audio Tattoo

Audio Tattoo is the Audio Book Narration and Publication division of POV Creative Services. We produce our own audio books in-house sourcing interesting and obscure public domain works. 


We also work with small, independent authors to create audio book versions of their original publications. We assist in full production, editing and packaging of the audio book including helping acquire ISBN numbers (yes, audio books also need ISBN numbers). 

All audio books meet production specs.


Audio Books

Audio Books

TAND Book Cover Square.jpg


Audio Tattoo is pleased to announce their audio book publication of American Poet and Author Anna Katherine Green’s “That Affair Next Door”. 


Originally published in 1897, this mystery features the society spinster Amelia Butterworth, which many consider to be a precursor to Agatha Christie’s Miss Marple or Patricia Wentworth’s Miss Silver. 


The story is told from Miss Butterworth’s perspective as she tells the story of a murdered young woman and how she sets out to unravel the mystery. 

Available from your favourite audio book retailer.

Listen to a sample:

SA Book Cover Square.jpg


Audio Tattoo is pleased to announce the North American release of Agatha Christie's "The Secret Adversary".

Published in 1922, The Secret Adversary introduces the young slueths Tommy and Tuppence, who would go on to appear in other Christie stories. Thought not as prevalent as the well-known Poirot or Miss Marple, their companionship brings fun and adventurous tone to the few books in which they feature. 

Available from your favourite audio book retailer (North America only).

Listen to a sample: 

SK Book Cover Square 2.jpg


Audio Tattoo is pleased to announce upcoming release of J.S. Fletcher's "Scarhaven Keep". 

A contemporary of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Fletcher is one of the most prolific writers of English detective fiction. Scarhaven Keep is one of his later novels featuring well-developed characters and lovely plot twists. 

Coming soon to your favourite audio book retailer.

Listen to a sample:



Audio Book Production

Audio Tattoo offers full audio book production services including narration, editing and delivery of files meeting Audible specs. 

We charge per finished hour of narration, so costs vary depending on length of book.

Author is responsible for publishing and distribution.

Audio Book Publishing

Audio Tattoo assists independent and self-published author plus small publishing houses get their audio books to market.

Along with production services we self-publish audio books and will soon be offering distribution via Audible.

We offer both full publishing as well as co-publishing deals. 

Audio Post Production

Audio Tattoo offers a number of audio-post production services including voice-over narration and mixing for radio, video and film production.

We also offer multi-track mixing services to songwriters and musicians

Working on sound design for _vr360mediai

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Audio Tattoo - Audio Book Publishing and Production


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